What does Mogo do?

Mogo is a digital wealth and payments company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with more than 2 million members, $9.9B in annual payments volume and a ~13% equity stake in Canada’s leading Crypto Exchange WonderFi (TSX:WNDR). Mogo offers simple digital solutions to help its members dramatically improve their path to wealth-creation and financial freedom. MOGO offers commission-free stock trading that helps users thoughtfully invest based on a Warren Buffett approach to long-term investing – while also making a positive impact with every investment. Moka offers Canadians a real alternative to mutual funds and wealth managers that overcharge and underperform with a fully managed investing solution based on the proven outperformance of an S&P 500 strategy, and at a fraction of the cost. Through its wholly owned digital payments subsidiary, Carta Worldwide, Mogo also offers a low-cost payments platform that powers next-generation card programs for companies across Europe and Canada.

What is Mogo’s fiscal year end?

December 31.

Who should I contact about share certificates?

Please contact our transfer agent, Computershare Investor Services, at 1 800 564 6253.

How do I invest in Mogo?

Please contact a registered full service broker or a digital trading platform such as MogoTrade.

Where can I get a copy of your prospectus and other regulatory filings?

Mogo's regulatory filings are available on Sedar at http://www.sedarplus.ca and Mogo's filings with the SEC can be found on its website at www.sec.gov.

When do you announce earnings?

Quarterly financial statements and interim MD&A are released within 45 days of the end of the first, second and third financial quarters. Annual financial statements and annual MD&A are released within 90 days of the financial year-end. We will publish the specific date and conference call information approximately two weeks before issue our financial results.

What is Mogo’s ticker symbol and where is the company listed?

Mogo is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ under the symbol MOGO.

What is Mogo’s CUSIP number?

The CUSIP number is 60800C208.